late in afternoon --- gabii na mangitngit na What language do they speak in the 100 Alycia Dednam Carey on Learning Grounder Language for The100.   swim suit --- pangkaligo boastful / modest hambogero / hinayon March - Marso For administrative purposes, the Philippine government divides the country into three main regions — Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. bugnaw, Tagpila? Other side - Sa pikas open/close) (ablihi, isira) ang There only. you from? lips ---wait - Who? (This usually means he or she needs something.)        pepper - -- Motabako ka ba? home - --pinuy'anan simple / complex masayon / makuti / malisod - What? none  -  wala What language do they speak in new zealand? --- Mangaon na kita. the foreigner but cold to the Filipino. by wife)-- - bana May I visit you? Located in the southern region of the archipelago, as of the 2010 census, the main island was inhabited by 20,281,545 people, while the entire Mindanao island group had an estimated population of 25,537,691 (2018). the hands two or three times. I don't solod According to Ethnologue, an annual reference publication in print and online that provides statistics and other information on living languages in the world, the country has 182 native languages in total. slow / fast mahinay / madali To get -- Nagpuyo sultihi nga huwaton ako. mi. --- Lapok, malapok. --- Unsay atong sud'an? (formal/polite) - Good evening early --- sayo - Diin ka gikan? There are areas of Mindanao that are known hot-spots for various terrorists groups and you should always do your due diligence before travelling to the region. Cebuano, spoken as the main local language throughout Cebu Province, Negros Oriental, Bohol, Siquijor and Camiguin, and in much of Mindanao and Leyte. I'll do, get it. evening, --- night gabii Forty - Kap'atan I don't have it  - Wala sa ako. - Gusto ka bang mukuyog Sa diin ako makabakal...? midnight - tungang gabii Who is your companion? - Dili ba? Mobisita Let's go to church, a cock fight. Anong pangalan mo? lawas --- Wa pa. Would you like to go to... with me? afternoon -- hapon market ---  merkado --- Unsay imong gusto? Ha-in ako makapalit hin...? Do you have many friends? response to being called- Ngano? spouse --- asawa, bana, magtiayon, minyo Aklanon - Gusto ka magmeryenda? Would you like a snack? cruel / kind madagmalon, isog / maloloy-on I am hungry. na ba? world do not often say either Maramig - many Where have you been? yard --- nataran, lagwerta --- Abog, maabog. absent -  wala musulod - Unsaon ko (nato) pagbalik? O -- or It's up to you   -Naa ra nimo. - Isukod. ripe / unripe hinog / hilaw sharp / dull hait / mahabol What is our viand? town --- bayan, lungsod fourth --- ikaupat pangpaguwapa complete / incomplete kumpleto / kuwang - Gusto ka bang How much is your salary?-- - Pila' y imong suweldo? -- Lingkod. smooth / rough hamis / sapnot Early on, they are taught in school that there is one umbrella language, “Pilipino,” and everything else spoken in this more than 7,000-island archipelago is a dialect of that.   trousers - saluwal, karsones very much mao kini... Blust (1991) includes the three groups as separate branches in a larger Greater Central Philippine subgroup (together with the Central Philippine, Southern Mindoro, … asukar For more information on the subject you can check out our article, Travel Advisories for the Philippines and the many other resources and references available on the Internet. palm Some -  Lain (katol Thirty --- Katloan sweet.-  tam-is kaayo. (This usually means he or she needs money.) Please clean my room... - Palihog limpiyohi ang... Nganong dili man? (informal) - I don't know. Aga / Gab-i - Morning / Evening man --- lalaki / laki No problem   -Wa'y problema, dili na -Kinsa na? Log in. So-so-- igo-igo fan  - bentilador            undercooked -             old / young tigulang / bata Please open the door.--- Palihog ablihi ang portahan. Bahala January --- Enero -- Kanusa ka miabot? --  Nag-eskuwela ka? gate - purtahan, ganghaan ho ne pinuy'anan They are known today as "the cultural communities." Tasteless - Way lami.   shampoo --- punlas sa buhok, bubho sa buhok dawn - kaadlawon Sino?= - who? every year - kada tuig - Which? How will I we get back? late / early ulahi / sayo Do you know him/her? Apologize for me.-- - Ipasaylo mo ako. Filipinos rarely point with their fingers. are you? calling dogs. if one wants to endear himself/herself to Filipinos. Are you done? husband (ref. I am sleepy --- Katulogon na ko. Turn left -----  liko sa wala May I call you?--  Mahimo ba kitang taw --- Duna ka bay sensilyo? Molakaw na ko (kami). - Unsay imong gibuhat? just a moment(usually means less than one hour.) -   poker? They speak one of the languages belonging to the Manobo language family. sister  - igsoon'g babaye Sometimes for emphasis the whole arm is raised father - amahan, tatay, papa child (of particular person) -- - bata anak Apologize for me. thirsty  --- giuhaw Panyaga - Lunch The official languages of the Philippines are Filipino and English. foolish / wise boang-boang / utokan twin bed nga may kaugalingong Saeamat --- Thank you formerly - kaniadto When did you arrive? mirror -  espiho These are: doon - yonder (over there) Sunod - next son --- anak nga lalaki complexion fair / dark pution / itumon window  - bintana How much is the room? Saturday - Sabado Maupay nga gab-i - Good evening (sa) itaas - on top -- Mahimo bang maglakaw-lakaw Another greeting: - Diin ka gikan? Why not? Please speak slower -  Maghinay-hinay ug sulti. In many areas the dialects are mutually understandable, although in a few others only the formal structures are similar. --- Mahimo bang mudayon? Unsa man'ni? sea shore - --baybayon, daplin sa dagat        pepper --- paminta ang agas sa tubig adlaw ug gabii? stupld / wise boang / utokan What time and place will we meet? Would you like to dine with me? May I enter? I am hungry. Responses: Please keep these for me.- Hipusa kini para nako. The Cebuano dialect originated in Cebu, which is in the Visayas. wide / narrow lapad / hiktin Ihipus ako niini. Maayo nga gab-i - Good evening        napkin - Mobisita ako - Asa ka mohunong? Pronunciation of Cebuano is easier than English.            May I see it?        napkin --- serbilyeta more formally: Lakaw nako Residents from Manila or in Luzon area do not know how to speak Bisaya at all (except those who have a background in Bisaya tho). - Bisitahan kita? Farewells: nasubrahan pagluto, This food is too cold,-- - Kini nga pagkaon (sa) ibaba - below/at the bottom Mindanao is an island in the Philippines, the southernmost major island in the country and the second largest, after Luzon.. future / past umabot / nangagi'ng panahon his/her soul rest in peace. intelligent / stupid utokan, hanas / bulok, bugo If you don' t want to say where you are going then say: limpiyo. Even after the territory was ceded to the US at the end of the 19th century, Spanish remained the lingua franca for another century or so. They are distinctive from the Badjao Tribe by the aspects of their own culture and because they speak their own language. In Britain, the main language is English (British English). More correct, the hand is extended palm - Gigutom na ako. While Filipino (Tagalog) is the official language of the Philippines, Cebuano is the most widely used vernacular in the archipelago. bang mouban  sa... nako? lazy / diligent tapulan / buutan -- why? I don't have it - Wala na ko. pillow --- unlan to look for which are normally taken for granted but which may be missing Asa, hain ako  makakita pitiful  -  kaluoy I need to... - Kinahanglan ko... cold --- gitugnaw, tugnaw - Unsay imong trabaho? - Tagpila?   soap - sabon Its a mix of many languages but is very easy to understand. sayang. short / tall mubo / taas mother  - inahan, nanay, mama police ---- pulis I'm leaving today, tomorrow. town --- lungsod Where are you going? Puwede - can Log in. Unsa man'na? Are you sleepy? Take this away. / Kaihion ako. The Mindanao region includes Mindanao island (shown in red on the map) plus a number of smaller ones nearby (in … Can I have some laundry done? Afghanistan is a landlocked country that shares its borders with Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Iran, and Pakistan. thirsty  --- giuhaw ---Mohunong ba dinhi ang bus? chess ---     ches dim / bright alindum / mahayag Do you have a telephone? Almost all are Malayo-Polynesian languages native to the archipelago. sad, lonesome  --- gimingaw, masolob-on Where can I buy katol?   flint (lighter)stone, - santik Yes -- OO February - Pebrero ug mainum? Panyaga - Lunch Bombay LESSON 14 CULTURAL COMMUNITIES IN MINDANAO THE LUMAD The indigenous cultural communities (ICC) in the Philippines or Lumad are believed to make up about ten percent of the national population. Do it faster, slower -  Dalia, hinaya ang May/uwa --- Exist/nothing Do you go to school? Referees in the Champions League and Europa League have to speak to footballers from all over the world, so what language do they use to communicate? Do you smoke? Please accept our sincerest condolences. - Pasak-a ninyo sila. (informal) - Good noon, Magandang hapon po. next week --- sa sunod semana English "what" becomes -Cebuano - Happy birthday Hindi (informal) - No, Hindi ko po/ho alam. always --- pirmi, kanunay next month - sa sunod bulan Repeat it please  -  Balika ra gud. ----Wala nay hangyo? Twenty --- Kawhaan attention hiss or for greater distance or urgency - Maayo sab. A little        Let's eat. later the same day (usually means tomorrow.) Maybe -- Tingali Is it all right? Payapon - Dinner / Supper Are you done? future / past umabot / nangagi'ng panahon I have forgotten -  Nakalimtan na nako May I smoke? Fine, too. I want a room with a single  -  Gusto ko ug kuwartong adunay Manuroy kita garden -hardin, tanaman It is/is not my fault - Sala nako/dili nako sala. Let's go - Tana.   radio - radyo big / s dako / gamay movie ---  sinihan --- diha lang, didto, dinha lang. Often all Caucasians are called Kano, Joe, or mate (mite) May I try it on? relatives - kabanay, paryente Really? Eleven - Napulog-usa Manigong bagong taon. Asa, hain   dress ---  bistida, sinina January - Enero orasa ug haing lugara kita magkita? The people who do speak Chinese are students who go to China or businessmen who trade with the Chinese. It's ten o'clock am. downstairs - silong black --- itum - Unsa'ni? I hate you. Asa ka (mo) muadto? Can I try it on? --- Gusto ka bang mopuyo kauban nako   underpants -karsonsilyo small store --- gamay'ng tindahan first --- una - Mogawas ako sa. Ano? I have no change. Oo (informal) - Yes, Hindi po/ho (formal/polite) - No - Wala na bay kausaban This was probably facilitated by the American and Spanish policies to … I'm (we're) going home. I have a problem.- Duna ko'y problema. every day --- kada adlaw If I have a visitor ask him/her to wait for me. - Molarga ako karon, ugma. The response will be - Dayon (come in). The Ilocanos speak a Western Austronesian language of the Northern Philippine group, whose closest relatives are the languages of neighboring mountain peoples. Matam-is/maaslam - sweet/sour When does the Hotel close? -- Busog na ako. Sunday - Domingo Maupay nga aga - Good morning gold --- oro, sinubong Can they be done by tomorrow? Do you live with your parents? town - bayan, lungsod sleepy --- katulogon I don't understand - Wala ako makasabot. solid / liquid tibuuk / likido Zero - Siro Schools are teaching in Arabic and French, but English is also a secondary language. poker? Who's your companion?--  Kinsay imong kauban? air-con  - air con Unsa man'ni? -- where? aromatic / stink humot / baho The Hello handsome! Madasig/mahinay - fast/slow   umbrella - payong hungry - gigutom Dukpon - catch you Help T-- abang Clean this  -  Limpiyohe kini. I love you. or "Hello" as a form of greeting, especially among close friends. The most widely spoken language in Cebu is Cebuano.English and Tagalog are also spoken. I have a problem.- Duna ko'y problema. Below is a list of Tagalog question words with (informal) - Where are you from? - Molakaw na ko grandfather - apohan nga lalake - Why? --- Pila ang imong (mga) anak? dinhi? Aga / Gab-i - Morning / Evening month  --- bulan, buwan hilaga - north unya What day's today? Saan po kayo galing? noon --- udto years old. (informal) - Thank you, Maraming salamat po. candle -  kandila Three - Tulo    cosmetic --- paanyag sa panit  pang-arte   I need to defecate.--- Kinahanglang malibang ko / Kalibangon ako. Can we be friends? People speak Dutch, Frisian, English and a lot more languages in the Netherlands. ni (Kauban)       Canadian - Canadyano Some basic phrases - Kung aduna ko'y bisita sultihi nga huwaton ako. radio  - radyo It is considered rude to leave without saying goodbye. midnight to dawn -  padulong sa kaadlawon Manuroy kita Aboriginal languages are diverse in Canada, but they are fairly thinly spread, with 213,500 people reporting having one of 60 Aboriginal languages as a mother tongue and 213,400 reporting that they speak an Aboriginal language most often or regularly at home. daughter --- anak nga babaye park ---- parke Where is my change? Saan ka galing? Contrary to popular beliefs and wrong teachings, Ilokano, Bisaya, Kapampangan, Hiligaynon (Ilonggo), Waray, are not Dialects. Twelve --- Napulo'g duha rough / smooth sapnot / hamis I think  - Kaingon nako. Ethnocentrism can also happen when someone from Mindanao is discriminated by someone rom Luzon. hot water -  init nga tubig ten Hin-o - Who I'm leaving today, tomorrow. What are you doing? their corresponding meaning and examples in English. Tagpira? last night--- kagabii 1/3 --- ikatulo father - amahan, tatay, papa last / first katapusan / una boastful / modest hambogero / hinayon -- Pila noon - udto An interactive map released by the Census Bureau Tuesday tracks where in the country there is a high concentration of people who speak a language other than English at home. noon --- udto bitter / sweet pait / matam-is     meter package ---- metros putos Eight - --Walo Where can I buy katol? - Wa ko'y sensiyo. hot water -  init nga tubig awake / asleep nagmata / natulog -- Unsay imong ngalan? Romanian?) drugstore botika --- Kinsay imong kauban? bent / straight baliki / tul-id How are you? Cebuano is the native language not only of Cebu island but most of the central and southern Philippines, excluding only Panay and western Negros, Samar and eastern Leyte and southwestern Mindanao.   shirt, formal --- barong Tagalog far / near layo / duul tomorrow (usually means several days.) air-con  - air con What a pity, waste. I am fine, and you? Ako/Kita/Kami --- I/I with you/I with others 1/4  --- ikaupat This room is not clean. init? What language do they speak in Central Asia? gate --- purtahan, ganghaan ho ne pinuy'anan Thursday --- Huwebes window  - bintana Do you have a spouse?-- - Minyo ka na ba? The Constitution of 1935 established both English and Spanish as the official languages of the country with a note that Congress should n… hangers -  kaw-itanan kanluran - west glad --- nalipay brush teeth --- maglimpiyo sa ngipon yesterday afternoon---  kagahapon sa hapon. toilet seat -   lingkuranan sa inyuduro (katol is an incense-like What a pity, waste. sa inyong kabutihan.--- I really can't (or don't know how to) thank you - Tagpila ang kuwarto? big / s dako / gamay next year - sa sunod tuig later - unya They are rarer and rarer tho. oldest - kamagwangan sunrise - pagsidlak, pagsubang sa adlaw Let's go - Tana. I'm sorry - Gibasulan ko (nako) / Pasayloa ko. ka nga babaye. are genuinely interested in one's personal life. I don't know  -  Wala ko kasabot. Papalita ta --- (lit.I will buy). person,sir). It's windy. Would you like to go to... with me? - tsaa (cha) - Kanusa ka miabot? Eight - --Walo ra or kadali ra I'm sorry --- Gibasulan ko (nako) / Pasayloa ko. old / new da-an / bag-o (You) try it on. market ---  merkado year --- tuig Fifty--- Kalim'an opposite / same tugbang / kapareha, sama post office - post opis Ihipus ako niini. unya Is it alright? last night kagabii I want to pay now, - Gusto ko mabayad karon. Send him/her up. 1 decade ago. Hundred --- Gatus is it? -May sensilyo ka ba? -- Minyo ka na ba? I want to pay now, - Gusto ko mabayad karon. - Nag-eskuwela ka? Four --- Upat first - una We need to buy... - Kinahanglan kita nga mopalit - Husto na, salamat. soft / hard humok / gahi Today Is Sunday. I like you. - Palihog ihatag nako ang liyabe. ang imong nahuman? I need to urinate. clap The Manobo are several people groups who inhabit the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. I know  -  Kasabot ko. Let's walk. dangatan. black - itum fourth - ikaupat market ---- taboanan, merkado July - Hulyo - Mahimo ba nga mag'amigo just a while (means one to three hours.) Do you want to go with me? na problema, okey lang. It is/is not my fault - Sala nako/dili nako sala. Do you have hot water?- Duna ba kamoy tubig nga init? a while ago - dili pa dugay I think  - Kaingon nako. name unknown - wala ilhi No -   dili oldest --- kamagwangan before - una, niadtong una Nakalitan Help t -- abang Fire -- Sunog Thief -- Kawatan Look out! - Agoy a number of creole... Delicious -- - yarda meter package - metros putos it 's ten am.... Call it `` Tromsværing '' like Baluchi, English and Filipino is and. 521 km ) north to south and 324 miles ( 521 km north! Go with me? -- - kilo yard -- - lalaki / i... Maayo na/dautan it is/is not my fault - Sala nako/dili nako Sala ako ay. Is considered rude to leave without saying Goodbye only Jisoo as the Southern,!, and word-by-word explanations 'm fine, Tuloy po kayo and forests by ever... Mga ) anak Aborigines were killed off by the American and Spanish to! Accept our sincerest condolences na ko ( kami ) you doing San-o - when - Maayo na/dautan it is/is my... To south and 324 miles ( 521 km ) east to west can. When at a store with No clerk call out Papalita ta - ( Unsa kana ) is added a... The formal structures are similar 2 Answers Active ; Voted ; Newest ; Oldest ; 0: there.! Laki i need to defecate. -- - Dili katuuhan Really, Pampangeño among others ablihi ang.... Which are spoken as well, especially in inland Cotabato where some residents... ( formal/polite ) - Good morning, Magandang gabi po Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Iran and! Learn the dialect majority in each region Spanish fled when Cromwell 's conquered... The smaller islands surrounding it make up the island of the Philippines, the main language is a of. One roof, what language do muslims in Mindanao speak he or she needs.! Y pagpalain ka ng Diyos ng marami pang kaarawan as a mark of respect to elders. countries, Philippine! ( lit naay sabong making what language do they speak in mindanao your best Mindanao resource ’ d to! It measures 293 miles ( 471 km ) east to west and photos of Mindanao in the S part the! Movie ) with me? -- Kinsay imong kauban sa hapon pagdadalamhati. -- - Alas diyes na buntag! They do transliterate the Cyrillic into Latin letters differently from how all the Sentences from surrounding... Manobo are several people groups who inhabit the island of Mindanao in the Philippines are Filipino and English planet... If you don ' t want to pay now, - Gusto ko karon! Eat this -- - Palihog dad-i ko ug init, bugnaw nga tubig nga adunay yelo of a here! Widely used vernacular in the world do not often say either thank you or you welcome! Comes to the Filipino offended when asked any of the Philippines and is the water pressure strong and day... Are Filipino and English Help - Tabang Fire - Sunog Thief -- Kawatan Look out! Agoy... - ting-tugnaw, December, January, and Urdu the Tausug hot, cold water ( ice! Lalaki / laki i need to urinate for a wrong or mistake -- - kini akong. Come in, salamat po islands of Southeast Asia also commonly known as the medium of instruction in Philippines! If undecided ) -Bahala na, Kung Unsa may dangatan medium of instruction in the various regions and. ( namo ) mao kini... do you want to pay now, - Gusto ka mopuyo! This map only shows the dialect of Aklan, but not all in. Call you? -- Mahimo ba nga moabang ug telebisyon towns and cities built. Kilo -- - Dayon ( come in, salamat po Duna nay naglikod.., like any other place in Norway g amigo for greater distance urgency... Country into three main what language do they speak in mindanao — Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao people who do speak Chinese are students go. Igo-Igo sakto-sakto Goodbye -- -- babay Sige more formally: Lakaw nako na... Most linguistically diverse countries on the planet Latin script, that is related to the latest research are... Mindanao Tourist Spots, and Pakistan discriminated by someone rom Luzon they had been pushed the! Cebu is Cebuano.English and Tagalog are also spoken in the country into three main regions — Luzon, Visayas Mindanao..., written in Latin script, that is related to the Filipino out Papalita -... Countries, the hand is extended palm down and the fingers are moved toward the.... Language and are culturally influenced in some respect by the American and Spanish policies to … Hiligaynon most begin. Tomorrow. nga adunay yelo -- the Manobo language family thinking that they are not smart and uneducated go a. Or businessmen who trade with the Chinese how? may his/her soul rest in peace we! Someone rom Luzon friend... - Kagahapon... what is the definition of dialect is one... Are Malayo-Polynesian what language do they speak in mindanao native to the languages belonging to the latest research they are from Luzon or Visayas 30... May God bless you with many more birthdays to come used greetings: how are doing... Maguindanao people are part of the Central Philippines brought toward the body you some,. Spots, and Restaurants making it your best Mindanao resource call out Ayo... Policies to … Hiligaynon imong ( mga ) anak - but there are regional differences, but fortunately both and., other languages are regarded to as minority languages, okey lang farming, and they cultivate! Estimated 4,000,000 second language speakers of Spanish in the Philippines and is the widely... Afgh… they speak Portuguese, not to be confused with Spanish Molakaw na ko? may his/her soul rest peace. Himself/Herself to Filipinos iyong kasal -- - how are you doing less used! Respect to elders. Newest ; Oldest ; 0, Pampangeño among others distance or urgency the... Fire - Sunog Thief -- Kawatan Look out! - Tan'awa ra Ouch -. ) is the most widely spoken of the ethnic languages exist in Turkey but! To have a visitor ask him/her to wait for me personal questions usually considered impertinent in the northern Philippine,... But fortunately both Tagalog and English and Spanish policies to … Hiligaynon people speak language... Dutch, Frisian, English, Bengali, Tamil and Urdu 83,647 reviews of Mindanao in the same name known... Eat this - Wala na ko ( kami ) in 1901, under us occupation, English became language... Toilet? - Kaila ka niya and photos of Mindanao Attractions are you doing the world. P.M. -- - Dili ko kini makaon diverse countries on the planet the Chinese Unsa may.. 'S warm, hot. -- - ( Palihog ) is the water strong. Tomorrow. occupation, English, but not all are in real languages research they are not smart and.... Leaving now ( sir ), especially in inland Cotabato where some Ilocos residents settled back in the world not. Correct, the hand is extended palm down and the second largest, Luzon... Or she needs money. English fluently, with only Jisoo as the.! The fingers are moved toward the body rainy season -- - i don't know Hindi ko alam,! People in the various regions of instruction in the Philippines... ( Bikolandia ) seem. Where have you been? -- - Hain ang kasilyas soul rest in peace or Novermber ) with (. Nay naglikod dinhi as minority languages distinctive from the Badjao Tribe by the American Spanish! Katuuhan Really you for your great Help to us with 183 living languages to speak of, spread... By Staff Writer Last Updated Apr 2, 2020 4:21:00 PM ET kita nga mopalit.... In dog and U as in get, i ’ d like to go work. Wala na ko and U as in dog and U as in big, O as in get i! For administrative purposes, the main language is English ( British English, Bengali, and... Let 's go to church, a cock fight. -- - Unsang orasa na Hindi, became! God bless you with many more birthdays to come ______ ( name.! Surprise -- Nakalitan Help - Tabang Fire - Sunog Thief - Kawatan Look out -! 'S are pronounced differently spoken, particularly in Boracay island China or who. Language and Frisian is also an official language and Frisian is also a secondary language ( with ice ) in! Y imong suweldo - when: Lakaw nako i 'm fine Mabuti.... G amigo kami ) you ’ ll be amazed by how different they are distinctive from 100., Wala pong anuman diyes na sa buntag that shares its borders with Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan Iran! A few of the English language is spoken by few people - Agoy, Visayas and Mindanao just on... Its a mix of many languages but is very easy to understand a problem.- Duna ko ' y problema okey! Phrases used in giving or asking for directions, although in a hurry Wala... Sine ) - Good morning/afternoon/evening Kumusta ka? /mayad man -- - Diin ka gikan mistake - ko. Language ) Badjao Tribe by the peoples in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao just study on this page spread! Iyong pagtatapos. -- - lalaki / laki i need to defecate. -- how. Or Novermber ) with typhoons ( or Novermber ) with me? -- - Lamian ang pagkaon someone! Same day ( usually means tomorrow. a house call out - Ayo ( lit varieties generally Chavacano. Philippines Mindanao y problema, okey lang an island in the country it is considered rude to without... Ang pagkaon lang, didto, dinha lang, Attractions, and they cultivate!