Now thoroughly rinse out all shampoo. I've had countless fairy knots, and ends falling out just by tugging on them because they're so damaged. Contains calcium hydroxide (alkali - causes burns) and guanidine carbonate (toxic - harmful if swallowed). Decided never to touch another relaxer again. With the rattail comb, I … Be the first to hear about exclusive giveaways, tips, tricks and more! Just for Me™ Relaxers feature Color Code Neutralizing Shampoo. In May 2005 I wanted to look "More adult" and wear my hair out, so I decided to go and get Just for Me again. You must carefully follow the enclosed instructions for use to avoid skin and scalp burns, permanent hair loss, blindness and/or eye injury. On top of that, my hair is so frizzy, and "coarse and broomy" as someone described. Fast & Free Postage Same Day Dispatch on Monday to Friday orders before 1PM. My hair never has the burning feeling when I use this product and it is very inexpensive. When shampoo lather is pink, relaxer is still in the hair. Features a color code neutralizing shampoo that changes color to indicate that all relaxer has been washed out. It is gentle and soft on tresses. Directions Read the step-by-step instructions found in the kit completely before using. Just For Me Relaxer is made especially for children to gently and effectively straighten hair. I have also heard from clients that relaxer is relaxer, they’re all the same chemical. When shampoo lather is white, relaxer is completely washed out. Use it to manage a child's delicate hair. Just For Me No-Lye Conditioning Crème Relaxer Kit provides greater manageability with silky smooth softness, conditioning and moisture. Just for Me Hair Relaxer to not only children but also adults who have a very sensitive scalp and burn easily. Introduce a child to the art of hair care with the Just For Me No-Lye Conditioning Creme Relaxer Kit. Just For Me No-Lye Conditioning Creme Relaxer Kit No Parabens Phthalates | Super Benefits Provides greater manageability with silky smooth softness, conditioning and moisture. My last two relaxers were both Just for me, the first one was on virgin hair August 2003 which gave me burns all over my head. It's wonderful for getting the relaxer onto the hair, but you can't really smush the relaxer in there with pressure as you can do with your fingers. The box has step by step instructions too and comes along with plastic gloves, neutralizing shampoo, conditioner, the creme itself and an activator. Soft & Beautiful Just for Me No-Lye Children's Conditioning Relaxer is designed especially for child's hair, leaving it with a silky soft texture needed for worry-free styling. Just because I am a professional does not mean that I have not experienced relaxer horror stories. it is not to harsh on the head but still strong enough to get your hair bone straight. I used this relaxer in my hair when I was a young girl and still use it today! This has been the best for me (fingers). I just don’t buy anything and every thing anymore, just what works for me period. My 4b hair just laughed at the tint brush. I regret ever using this. Well I’m here to tell you that not all relaxers are the same. You think one would learn their lesson. [5] I've tried so many methods of applying relaxer. Oct 27, 2006 Just for me is a classic relaxer! Just For Me creme relaxer has coconut milk, Shea butter, vitamin E and sunflower oil. First, let me tell you a little about my relaxer journey over the years. 3. It provides greater manageability and … Same instructions as a relaxer, so it's the same type of product IMO. Compare with similar items. This IS a relaxer, but arguably worse since I have around 6 textures going on in my head! And amongst many other thing, I would say to you a good shampoo shouldn’t be compromised at all. Join the Curl Peace Crew! ... .. follow the manufacturers instructions. D. destiny616 Member. Naturally gentle Texture Softener softens the natural hair texture to increase hair manageability.