Set the value of the ComboBox from the controller To listen to the store load event you must add the listener in the init config. Return false to stop the show. ComboBoxes are fully integrated with the ExtJS data package, allowing them to be bound to a data store containing the values to show in the drop-down list. It is basically a desktop appli C# (CSharp) Ext.Net.ComboBox - 3 examples found. Please click on the link below to see how ExtJs 4 controller listen to Store events such as on a ComboBox load Join Date Jun 2010 Location Saint-Petersburg, Russia Posts 31,171 Parameters queryEvent : Object An object that has these properties: combo : Ext.form.field.ComboBox This combo box query : String The query string forceAll : Boolean True to force "all" query cancel : Boolean Set to true to cancel the query this.cbState.SelectedItem.Text and this.cbState.SelectedItem.Value are "Ohio"). A ComboBox is like a combination of a traditional HTML text field and a